Spidery Friend & free coloring pages

Learn to draw a Spider. You can use a pen or pencil, fill in with colored pencils or a light watercolor. Have fun. Check out my free coloring pages & coloring pages for kids too.

The Flying Monkeys are here!

How to draw a flying monkey. Make it your own, add a hat or put some sparkle on the wings.

Cute Penguin

How to draw a cute penguin. Add a scarf or hat. Use pen or pencil to shade the dark areas. get creative.

Mermaid #1 coloring page

This is a page from my Mermaid coloring book. Use your colored pencils and practice blending colors. enjoy.

Sharknado #1 coloring page

Sharks are cool.  A coloring page from my Kids coloring book. Color outside the lines.

Little Horned Owl 1

This is a mini drawing of one of my prints. Enjoy learning how to draw, it's a hoot!

Helmeted Lizard 1

How to draw a helmeted Lizard.  He can be green,brown or any color you like. Have fun!

Watercolor Class Download

Blue Whale Watercolor class. Class students only please. Sign up for my online class, learn to watercolor.

Creepy Jenny Coloring Page #1 Saw

This is a page from my coloring book "Creepy Doll Scary Movie Collection" available on Amazon

Horse coloring pages 1-3

Here are a few pages from my Horse coloring book. Have fun.

Horse coloring pages 4-6

Have fun with my horse coloring pages. More coming soon.