Collection: Little Haunted Houses

Little Haunted Houses

My little haunted houses are filled with fun ghosts, ghoulies and hidden little creatures. Each one is different and unique.

They are hand drawn on paper then cut out with a blade and displayed with a vintage piece of silver.

Some pieces I have included a vintage religious relic like a rosary or cross.

I make little haunted houses, roller coasters, churches and I have even made a haunted saloon complete with little ghost horses.

  • The Sisters

  • It took the Village

  • Ghost Coaster1

  • Agatha

  • Agatha (details)

  • Sandworms

  • Pushing Down Daisies

  • Daisies (details)

  • Pirates

  • The Roots Of It All

  • A Little Boo

  • Knock Knock

  • Road Trip

  • Welcome Home

  • Hula Hoop Sisters

Creepy little ghouls

  • Sapphire

  • Betsy

  • Whisper