Collection: Creepy Jenny

Creepy Jenny & friends.

In the beginning...

Creepy Jenny was given to me as a gift from my grandmother. I was so frightened of this doll, my granny put her in the basement for over 50+ years. Fast forward, I got the doll back, and we have been on a photographic journey since. I have worked through my fear of dolls and now we have a fabulous time meeting new people and creating fun and terrifying images.

We go to many locations for our photo shoots, including 'haunted' locations. I am the soul photographer and I make sure all the dolls are well taken care of.

I now have 14+ Vintage dolls, Creepy Jenny was the original, then I added more friends for our photos.

I create unusual greeting cards and other items with the dolls images. They make great gifts, perfect for the people you like and for the people you don't like.